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About Another Crappy Podcast

I have to admit - this website was originally started as a joke. Once hundreds of people started listening to my "joke", addiction set in and I kept making shows. What's next? Sponsorship and advertising?


My podcast history

I became aware of podcasts in 2005 but had never been too impressed with trying to download and listen to "radio shows" on my computer. It wasn't until Apple released iTunes 4.9 that I really discovered what podcasting was all about.

I typed in a few searches, and found a few podcasts on some of my interests (specifically Disney theme parks). I started listening, and soon "had" to buy an iPod so I could listen to them at work. Heck, I've wanted an excuse to by an MP3 player for years (I don't even own a home stereo). I was soon listening to podcasts almost daily while I worked.

I quickly realized that, unlike "professional" radio, podcasting did not require a good voice or slick talent. You just talked. Accent? No problem. Speech impediment? No problem. Lack of audio engineering and production skills? No problem. I felt I was qualified.

I put together a short promo for a non-existent Disney podcast. I wanted to see how easy it was to find an audience. I submitted it to iTunes and and waited. A few days later, the listing was up and I started seeing downloads. I activated a account to help track things and I hastily assembled a "real" episode one night around 2am. I was instantly a podcaster.

It was addictive. Of course, being a big fish in a small pond always is, but with over 10,000 indexed podcasts and growing, it is predicted that soon there will be as many podcasters as there are podcast listeners so the pond is changing.

So that's the story. Even though my most downloaded episode in November 2005 was just over 1500, I still figure my actual audience is about 3 or 4 people ;-)

In a past life I worked at a radio station or two (even had my own morning show shortly, before the AM station burnt down), and spent a few years producing radio commercials back in Texas. Podcasting is neat because you can just throw stuff together and not worry about it as long as you say something that someone finds worth listening to.

Pity so few people are listening...