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2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and now 2010... My sixth year doing this???

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Do we really need another crappy podcast?

The real question is: Do we really want another crappy podcast? Of course not. But, here are a few anyway.

Downloadable audio files are nothing new. The creation of the MP3 audio format, in addition to widespread Internet access and faster modems, has made downloadable audio files quite common, actually. So what makes a "Podcast" so special? After all, streaming audio of radio programs is nothing new, and being able to download archived shows is probably even more common since it doesn't even require a streaming server.

Once again, the key is Apple and massive success of the iPod and iTunes. When iTunes 4.9 was released, allowing anyone to easily find and subscribe to downloadable audio files, things changed. Those who had been creating downloadable audio files for years may be bitter that it suddenly has a new name which is far more popular than their previously perfectly good old name, but the revolution is clear: Podcasts have been brought to the masses, and Podcasters have sprung up everywhere to meet the demand.

Including here. From this site you may subscribe to various Downloadable Audio Files.

Disney Stuff

See also: (over 58,000 theme park photos)

Disgruntled Disney Dweeb Podcast - Vent about Disney

Disgruntled Disney Dweeb LogoJuly 2009: It's back! With the good comes the bad. Call 515-999-0227 and tell me what Disney does that irks you.

Target Audience: Die-hard nitpicky Disney fans.

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Share your Disney peeves!

Kingdom Herald - Disney Park News, Info and Rumors

Kingdom Herald Logo(on haitus) A near-daily dose of the latest Disney theme park news, rumors and information from around the web. (Not currently publishing.)

Target Audience: Time constrained Disney fans.

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Park Hopping Podcast / Vidcast / 3-D Vidcast

Park Hopping Logo(Started 8/30/2005) In 1996, I acquired my first digital camera and started taking photos of theme parks and other places I visited during my work travels. I now have well over 29,000 photos on my website, (soon to move to In 1999, I acquired a digital video camera and started capturing video, too, and now I have dozens of hours of ride thru's, shows, and even some experiments in 3-D (3D).

Park Hopping 3-D LogoWhich, of course, is why an audio Podcast makes little sense. So here it is. I'm proud to be one of the many Discasters (Disney fan podcasters) on the 'net. Well, maybe not proud, but...

Target Audience: Disney theme park fans.

3-D Video Podcast:
NEW! Video Podcast:
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Park Hopping Vidcast LogoNeed a pair of 3-D glasses? I buy them from Rainbow Symphony. Check them out. If you just want a pair, I'll soon post a way for you to PayPal me a buck ($1) and I'll send you a pair (add .50 for each additional pair). I think that will cover my cost for the pair (about .50) plus the envelope and stamp and even let me make a few cents. W00t! Coming soon...

Renaissance Festivals and Other Events

Unofficial TrekFest Video Podcast

NEW for 2009! On the last Friday (evening) and Saturday of June, the little town of Riverside, Iowa hosts TrekFest, a town fair with a Star Trek theme. In 1984, town resident Steve Miller got the idea to make Riverside the "official future birthplace of Captain Kirk" from Star Trek. They wrote Gene Roddenberry and got the okay, and for the past twenty five years they've hosted a unique event. For 2009, I attended and documented my journey -- including getting to see three original Star Trek cast members: Walter Koenig (Chekov), Nichelle Nicoles (Uhura) and George Takei (Sulu).

Target Audience: Star Trek fans and county fair fans


Des Moines Renaissance Faire Video Journal

Des Moines Ren Faire Vid JournalIn September 2006, a new "theme park" will open in the Midwest. These video journals document the final months of construction.

Target Audience: Des Moines area (and Midwest region) renaissance festival fans.

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Unofficial Nebraska Renaissance Faire Video Podcast


Unofficial Castle of Muskogee Oklahoma Renaissance Festival Video Podcast

July 2009: Third season (2009) has begun! A series of fun video interviews with some of the cast from the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival.

Target Audience: Oklahoma region renaissance festival fans.


Pirate Comedy Show Downloadable Audio File Show

Pirate Comedy Show LogoSince 2003, the Pirate Comedy Show has entertained literally dozens of people at renaissance festivals, shopping malls, coffee shops, and corporate events in and around Iowa. And Michigan. With the release of our Pirate Comedy Show Album CD, and its subsequent sale to literally dozens of people via iTunes, it seemed appropriate to take the next step and begin our new podcasting careers.

"This sucks so bad. Don't even listen to the preview, I'm warning you now you will have the retarded song stuck in your head all day." - Anonymous iTunes Review

Captain J.P. Boyd (legendary pirate) and Molly Mayrose podcast live and direct from the Grandscale Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire. So here it is.

Target Audience: People who like pirates, and comedy.

Just Listen: Via PodcastAlley.'s "Rencast" sponsored by Ren Reporter

Rencast LogoRencasting at KCRFNo one ever said it was going to be easy, and no one also ever said what we need are even more podcasts dealing with renaissance festivals. But we could use at least one. While there is, providing streaming festival-type music 24 hours a day, and at least one podcast that does the same, there really wasn't one that was connected to a quarterly publication dealing exclusively with renaissance festivals. So here it is. (Photo by Frank Pokorny, taken at Kansas City Ren Fest 2005, interviewing Rosalyn the Mead Maiden while Buttercup watches.)

Target Audience: Renaissance festival fans.

Just Listen: Via PodcastAlley.

Intro music by The Orckes and Trolles. Buy their CD.


Journey into iPhone

Journey into iPhone logo

I'm fed up with my Treo. Can the iPhone solve the problems of having a phone that does stuff and "actually works?" Follow my journey...

Target Audience: Current and potential iPhone owners.


My Blog:

And, if you'd rather listen to a good iPhone podcast, you really should be checking out the Apple Phone Show.


Priuscast LogoAs mentioned in a review for Podcast Maker at Macworld Magazine! Also check out this podcast at the Toyota Live Web site along with others.

The Toyota Prius. It's a cool car. It deserves a cool podcast. I can't make a cool one, but I can at least make a podcast. So here it is. (Note: Want to win a Toyota stuff? Check out

Target Audience: Current and potential Toyota Prius owners.

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Other Stuff

Sleepy Hollow Scream Park "Screamcast" (Video)

Seasonal: In October, Sleepy Hollow Sports Park turns in to the largest haunted attraction in the region. These video podcasts cover this season.

Target Audience: Des Moines area teenages and twenty-somethings.


"Doing Des Moines" Video Podcast

Pre-production work is happening for a proposed commercial vidcast in the Des Moines, Iowa area. We're looking for some on-camera talent as a show host. Contact me if you are in the Des Moines area and want bo be a micro-celebrity.

Target Audience: Des Moines families.

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Production Notes

* Actual download number is higher. Podcast download numbers do not include Priuscast episodes hosted at or YouTube views.